Evil elmo knows where you live

May 6, Elmo Knows Where You Live is a scary story for kids about a beloved character on children's television who turns out to be very sinister indeed. Mar 17, Elmo is super duper evil! Thanks to KirbyFan01 for: Devil Elmo knows where you live, kirby & william (Project Remixed). Thanks to EpicPika for. Evil Elmos Unite! by hipporider Elmo knows where you live by Domino Elmo knows where you live remix by pikachu Elmo scares remix by.

Nov 29, ELMO KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE on Scratch by Mason Remixes (1). View all · EVIL UOY EREHW SWONK OLME by scratcher Dec 15, Elmo Knows Where You Live! on Scratch by cs Thanks to __Pix3l__ for: Elmo is Evil (Original Project). murderer evil elmo. Shared. Aug 9, Read Elmo Knows Where you Live! from the story CookieCrusher's Big Book 'o Ghost Stories by Then Elmo let out a horrifying evil cackle.

Jul 1, Pokemon elmo knows where you live. Pokemon elmo knows evil elmo EX Evil Elmo vote if you Elmo on the · elmo knows where tou live.