How to jailbreak ps3 super slim 500gb

The super slim cannot..I repeat CANNOT be jailbroken. It MAY be possible to use Cobra ODE on it, but that requires opening up the console and adding a chip . I suggest Below methods is not jail broken Method 1 Smart SK Tech - Video Tutorials (Install PS3 Games OFW without CFW) Method 2 If you have cfw on. Is there any tutorial about that? Please give a resource.

Hello people. I need help. Is it possible for me to jailbreak my ps3 superslim gb OFW. Please be truthful and if u could help me out id. So i recently discovered jailbreaking, but after some time reading about it i found out it's only certain ps3's that do this. Why is it that i cant just. PS3 SuperSlim GB with Games PLAYSTATION. ₱ 7, Posted 20 PS3 Slim gb Jailbreak Package For sale or Swap to PS4 Fat. ₱ 8, Posted 3.