How to print pages document

It will get you off and running with your new computer and Pages. Printing documents on a Mac is the same as on a Windows system: File. How to print pictures and other documents to a connected printer. You can print a document or envelope from a printer set up to work with your iOS device. To learn about setting up a printer, see the instructions in the user guide.

Try this Save the file locally on your windows computer. Right click on the file and select rename. extension and as. You can also specifiy that you want to print all of the pages in your document, only the current page, a selection you've made in the document, or a range of. I often need to print only select pages of a document, rather than the whole thing. Word makes it easy to be judicious in what you print. Here's how you can.

I spent dozens of hours creating a document in Apple Pages, hoping to send it to Lulu and have a single copy printed. When I uploaded my. When you have finished creating your document, print it out to share. printing features such as whether you want to print all pages or only. Before you print, it's a good idea to preview your document to make sure that it looks the way you want. You can also specify which pages you want to print. When saving or printing PDF documents from within a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) you MUST use the buttons in the.