How to spend skill points in extinction

i was wondering what the best skill point order would be. extinction . The second area I would be aiming to spend points on engineer first to. Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Strategy Guide – Skill Points and Upgrades . You should not worry about spending money at this point as. This guide covers the basics of the Extinction: Point of Contact spend your skillpoints and hard-earned cash, and buy weapons and scavenge.

i started playing and was just adding points wherever, i didn't realize it was permanent. does it matter where i put my skill points? can i reset?. Once you start earning skillpoints you will then need to decide how to spend them. As your class provides a core skill, you will want to choose. My first skill points I usually spend on ammo upgrades if I carry special and class upgrades. Then I move to pistol, and boosters If I have a spare.

Aside from the XP you earn, you can also earn skill points. As you earn these, you spend them on any one of the six categories you have. Extinction - Call of Duty: Ghosts: Call of Duty Extinction is a new online mode only During each Extinction match, players will get Skill Points. There is nothing worse then spending money on ammo, to find out someone. Extinction Nightfall is one hell of a difficult map and without the right strategy you' ve I know alot of players who prefer to spend early skill points on melee and.