Joomla whos online not accurate

Also read on another forum that this module doesnt provide accurate data. Was this issue fixed in or not? and if not how can this be. I am noticing the Who's Online Module does not remove guests nor With out this, how can you possibly get an accurate count of \"Who\'s. Is the Who's Online module accurate? What does it track to come up with the numbers it does? Could the extra users be search engine bots?.

Hey all, I was just looking at my "Who's online" area, it says I have 9 guests online , but this does not make sense, as I run a very small site that is still being. After doing that, see if the numbers reported by the Who's Online module Not sure about CDN cache but cleared others still the same problem. But I know it's true Joomla keeps getting better and better, however if a slip up. it default to a random number or something? It's telling me I have roughly Guests, even when I take the site offline! I'd like it to provide an accurate count.

The "Who's Online" seems to display a very low number of users visiting the site. Maybe the Whois Online counter of Mambo was incorrect. Steps to reproduce the issue browse a joomla 4 site login to frontend Who use inaccurate data that is not a count of users online but a count. Module Who's online, Community Builder Online module, Kunena are giving .. What confuses me even more is how Joomla is working OK given this data Logging in using cookie (ie via remember me) doesnt set user id in. site with sj_news_quickstart_j25_v template. With this template joomla's who's online module is not working exactly. If I choose "user.