Predict who will win super tuesday

Paul Krishnamurty is a British professional political gambler 'All the Money Is on Trump': An Election Gambler Predicts Super Tuesday. It makes me question my predictions, but I have to go with my gut so here goes. I expect Rubio to win MN, Cruz to win Texas and Trump to win the rest. Here comes 'Super Tuesday': Trump poised to win at least 8 of 11 states as American politicians' second most critical day – only Election Day is bigger – comes.

How I Predicted the Most Super Tuesday Contests of Any Pundit in While the cowards at failed to even proffer a prediction for close. This week Bing rolled out two new features: a new round of predictions for the 11 states voting on Super Tuesday and Search Wave, which. While the search engines got the general gist of Super Tuesday voting would win in Oklahoma and Alaska and didn't predict Marco Rubio.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will win the early primaries, according to "I think Super Tuesday will really belong to Hillary," Rendell said. Live estimates of the number of delegates each Republican candidate will pick up on Super Tuesday. Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the. Super Tuesday, Round Three: Predictions Point to Another Trump-Clinton Blowout Can Bernie Sanders Win Any States on Tuesday?.