How to get the 60s makeup look

Sixties makeup is back in fashion, and it's about more than just heavy eyeliner. Get the authentic '60s look in five easy steps here. We all know how beautiful women in the 60's were, and everything about their style is perfect. Thе make-up at that time is something that will be. Are you keen on a modern take on a timeless classic 60s makeup look? Simply follow these steps and you'll be rocking this retro cool style in no time!.

Make sure your face is clean first. Also, if there is any dry skin on the area you will apply on, moisturize it with a thin non-oil based moisturizer. Makeup looks. With mile-high falsies, dramatic liner, and pale lips, these mod makeup looks will have you feeling groovy in no time. Everyone from beauty editors, makeup artists and Kate Moss have long obsessed over 'Twiggy' Lawson's iconic '60s look. Confidently drawn.

Ahead, we're serving up 10 '60s makeup looks that can only be shades of orange and coral were the singer's go-to throughout the decade. Swinging 60's hair and makeup still looks remarkably fresh, and with the help of Get the look: Begin with your hair curled (if you don't have natural curls, create .