Summoner wars how to level up skills

Power-up a monster using a monster of the same family, e.g. powering up HellHound (Fire) with HellHound (any) will increase the level of one of HellHound. Skill levels that increase the chance to activate, e.g. "Harmful Effect Rate +10%" are additive. That means a skill with 75% that gains a 10% skill up becomes a. Sometimes having the strongest monster is the best, but do you really have the best monster? Find out how to level up skills in Summoners War.

Subreddit for mobile game Summoners War: Sky Arena. Discuss the Devilmon and monsters of the same class are used to level up skills. Hey guys, I used one devilmon to feed to my monster and it made its first skill go to level 2 obviously. Here's my question, do I have to level up. Okay, so I know how to use other like mons to level up your skills, but I have seen references to which skill you should level up first. I.

Summoners War: Sky Arena – How to power-up, skill power-up and evolve your A skill upgrade can be done even if your monster is the maximum level. I have 4 vagabonds, but im still waiting on Darion. So i wonderd, can i power up one of them and get his skills up with the others and when i get.