What happens when we die reddit funny

Everything will fade to black and I'll take off the virtual reality helmet and go back to my other life. "A lot of things happen, they just don't involve you.". What I really hope happens when I die, is I would like to go through my life again and see what would happen if I had made different choices in.

So you know how when you're under general anesthesia, the time just goes missing? Like you're in one place, then suddenly you're. When death happens, I will have no expectations. This story, combined with some other specific, strange occurrences, kind of shifted. I remember this dream-like state, my father had died a few months before I and I was talking to in a completely uncaring way, like "Oh hey whats he doing here, that's kind of weird, whatever. .. He told me he was in a dark room where nothing was happening. This is my first reddit post ever (hi guys!).

I think there is nothing, you just stop all forms of consciousness and existence. I'm not religious, but I feel that if there was a god, that there. I had a near death experience in which I was ejected from an automobile. .. I could put it on the riding lawnmower and have fun whenever. When I was much younger (12 years old) I died from a full cardiac arrest. I was dead with no heartbeat for a little over 4 minutes. .. The really weird part for me was that I don't have any memory of her TELLING me about the story. of me that hopes that what I saw is what really happens when we die. Welcome to r/Funny: reddit's largest humour depository. This needs an edit with the “You Died” text. But puppies That's what happens. You.