What is a double helix piercing

Double helix piercings are instantly recognizable through their provocative design and attractive style. These piercings have been among the cooler piercings. If it is a helix piercing that you want, read on to find out exactly wtf it is - aside from being the structure of DNA, obvs - as well as all the variations. Absolute guide on double helix piercing. ☊ Should you go for it. ☊ Procedure video guide. ☊ How much does it hurt? ☊ Healing and aftercare tips. ☊ Images that.

So in the name of investigative journalism Grazia decided to go and get our helix and forward helix pierced (respectively) because, what better way to tell you. The piercing can be as simple as a single hoop. Or to add some edge, people go for a double helix or even a triple helix. There is even a. A week ago, I got my very first cartilage piercing – a double helix. I've wanted a cartilage piercing since forever, so the prospect of finally getting.

This article discusses helix and forward helix ear piercings. A helix piercing is most commonly called the "top ear" piercing or the "ear cartilage,".