What level is platinum blonde

Light blonde 9. Very light blonde Platinum blonde. Knowing your own natural hair color level allows you to estimate things such as how much can you lighten. Even when it's done by a professional, bleaching your hair will damage it a bit. Because going platinum blonde usually means at least two. Underlying pigment & Hair Color Levels Of Hair Color, Hair Levels, Hair Color Wheel . Killer Strands Hair Clinic: Blondevous: From Platinum to Honey Blonde .

If you're ready to take your hair to the next level of platinum blonde, check A long wavy honey platinum blonde hair color is a stunning look if. 7 things I wish I knew before dyeing my hair platinum blonde Texts I exchanged with my sister when I booked my hair consultation. The day will likely come when you're ready to relinquish your platinum blonde hair strands. Maybe your hair needs a break from bleach, maybe.

Before you take the icy hair color plunge and dye your hair platinum blonde, trips to the salon in order to reach your desired level of platinum blonde hair. A subdued, creamy blonde that's also infused with platinum and frosted highlights are made cool again when paired with dark roots and. Thinking of going platinum blonde? Read here to learn When your hair is bleached that pale, some yellow brassiness will inevitably creep in.