3 paper cone joint how to

To get a bunch of people high, you're going to need more than the average joint. So today, HIGH TIMES senior cultivation editor Danny Danko. How to roll a joint: Tips on how to roll a cone joint or the classic the straight, We prefer to let part of the crutch stick out the end of the rolling paper as shown. Cones tend to smoke more smoothly than straight joints but are slightly harder to roll. How to roll a joint 3. The Roach or 'Filter'. Joints usually don't have a filter like a filter cigarette does You can roll a Joint easily with normal cigarette papers.

Sprinkle your herb into the crease of the paper. Start at the filter. STEP 3. Roll it up, with the“fins” inside. STEP 4. If you are rolling a cone you don't add anything yet (go to step 5), otherwise lay out the paper and add the herbal. How To Roll A Beautiful Joint. Published on 3 Comments. Sort by Burning excessive paper at the end of a joint will make it burn uneven.

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