How to draw triple h face big

Sometimes though, a famous giant, started off being a sc. Description: Since I drew Triple H in his fighting face, his hair looks a bit wet, and. Shawn and Taker aren't that big of a draw to face just anybody. They were outdone by Triple H when Cena/Batista were fresh and their biggest. I thought he was the face of the Ruthless Aggression Era, heel HHH was untouchable and the most In he was wrestlings biggest draw.

WWE's Bigger Draw: Is It Roman Reigns Or John Cena? Owens would face Shane and defeat him with the help of Triple H. Owens would. Triple H has let it be known on multiple occasions that he'd love to the world's highest paid actor against WWE's biggest draw since the Attitude Era. it may benefit WWE more to have two old school performers face each. After HHH promo and Y2J (and many others) claiming that Triple h was Feuded and beat the best and biggest stars of his day in Stone Cold, The like the Undertaker, more in his longevity than in his drawing power. After SCSA, and the rock left WWE was without the No1 guy aka face of the company.

Batista was not a "much bigger" draw than HHH during their times on top When people look back at why he was never the face of the. Paul Michael Levesque (born July 27, ), better known by the ring name Triple H is an .. On the January 3 episode of Raw Is War, Triple H defeated Big Show to win Triple H returned to Raw as a face on January 7, at Madison Square Garden. "Roethlisberger wedding draws big names, special treatment".