How to make bacon covered chocolate

An easy recipe for Chocolate-Covered Bacon, calling for bacon, chocolate, and sea salt or other toppings. The sweet and salty taste is. It's a hit at state fairs everywhere, but you can make this salty-sweet concoction at home. Some say bacon is perfect as is, but chocolate makes everything better!. Get Gina's Chocolate Covered Bacon Recipe from Food Network.

Hi love this idea for chocolate-covered bacon. My question is can I still use this recipe but use cast iron pans instead of sauce pans? and sub dark chocolate. Chocolate-covered bacon is the perfect marriage of sweet and savory that will make all the bacon lovers in your life happy. Learn how to make delicious chocolate covered bacon on a stick like at fairs and carnivals. Salty and sweet. Use milk chocolate and white.

Have you tried chocolate covered bacon yet? Two of the worlds best ingredients come together in a seemingly odd combination to create a. See how to make this easy Chocolate Covered Bacon recipe! It's an irresistible combination of sweet and savory that is also great party food. How to Make Chocolate Bacon. Love chocolate? Love bacon? Why not combine the two to make a delicious treat. Cut the bacon in Dip the bacon in the chocolate and place on wax paper. Use the How to. Make Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs.