Voice notes not working whatsapp

The issue may be alleviated by uninstalling any apps on your phone that are using the voice recorder. If you have apps that record your calls, or are listening for a wakeup phrase, you will need to uninstall those apps in order for WhatsApp's voice messages to work. This article is going to be addressing 6 of the most common WhatsApp Voice Message problems on your iPhone and how you can avoid or fix them, if they happen to you. 2 Unable to Listen to WhatsApp Voice Messages via Bluetooth Earpiece. 4 WhatsApp Voice Message Volume is Low on. Hi everyone. Struggling to record voice notes on WhatsApp since the last update. Anyone else experiencing this? Any work arounds.

WhatsApp video has no sound on Android/iOS? Troubleshoots WhatsApp audio not playing issue, including disable Do Not Disturb and clear. And many people will also have some problems. problems with WhatsApp voice messages, now we'll learn how to fix WhatsApp including contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, call history, WeChat messages ect. I cannot manage to hear whatsapp voicenotes anymore since the new updates. When I click on “play” Icon, the voicenote just doesn't start.

Summary. Common issues that can cause problems downloading or sending photos, videos, or Voice Messages include: Your phone might be having. I can't connect to WhatsApp, WhatsApp not working, or WhatsApp is down I have problems with voice calls or can't answer answer calls.