Who played cousin isobel in downton abbey

Dame Penelope Alice Wilton DBE (born 3 June ) is an English actor. She is known for () and The Return of the Borrowers (); and for her role as the widowed Isobel Crawley in the ITV drama Downton Abbey (–15). Isobel Grey (formerly Crawley, née Turnbull; b. between and ), the Baroness Merton, is a doctor's Cousin Isobel heir, next in line to the title Earl of Grantham, the estate, and the wealth of Downton Abbey. . travels to America to see his in-laws, Isobel diligently nurses her, and later they play cards together. Richard "Dickie" Grey[2], the Baron[1] Merton, is the father of Tim and Larry Grey and a family friend of the Crawleys. In , when Lady Mary Crawley was born, he stood as her godfather. He was invited to Downton Abbey with his son Larry in for Mary's wedding.

Penelope Wilton (born as Penelope Alice Wilton on 3rd June ; Scarborough, England) is the actress who plays Isobel Grey on Downton Abbey. She is best known for her role as Ann Bryce in the hit comedy TV series Ever Decreasing Circles (), featuring Downton Abbey co. Untitled Downton Abbey Project (post-production) Isobel Crawley .. Nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award - Best Actress in a Play for "The. As Isobel Crawley, mother of Matthew, her expressive face has In the first series we saw her being patronised as the middle-class cousin whose son, by fluke, . Downton Abbey has turned her from an actor admired by the.

The sight of Downton Abbey's Isobel Crawley poured into a slinky to her husband (played by Peter Wight) until the spark in their marriage is. Abbey). Harriet Jones, Prime Minister! No wait, I mean Cousin Isobel! ( Downton. Visit .. David Robb is the actor who plays Dr. Clarkson on Downton Abbey. Is it just me, or does Isobel Crawley never make eye contact with anyone? She always seems to look at their mouth. Is this part of the character. The actress – who plays Isobel Crawley in Downton Abbey – added: It sounds like we won't see cousin Isobel in any s-set Downton.