How do we vet refugees

UNHCR vets refugees for eligibility with an eye toward how vulnerable their situation is—like if they're an orphan, a victim of torture, or if they. Just gaining refugee status is hard; most of the millions who seek it don't Then, it vets some more: If allowed to come to the US, refugees face. I live in Utica, NY. We have a tier two refugee center here; among the busiest on the east coast. We've resettled over 15, refugees since There have.

How the US vets Syrian refugees. President Obama exceeded his goal of admitting 10, Syrians by 25 percent. Here's how they're screened. Four million Syrians have fled their country since The number of Syrian refugees the US has taken in since then: only about Application and Case Processing. When UNHCR — or, occasionally, a U.S. Embassy or a specially trained nongovernmental organization — refers a refugee .

Recent calls for a crackdown on Canada`s refugee claimant system are there are also questions about how Canada vets the claimants. At the height of the influx of refugees into Germany in –17, there was little doubt that mixed among the worthy cases were economic. The layers of security checks for refugees before entry into the country. As important is the criteria for vetting Syrian refugees and, on that issue, the administration and Congress remain distressingly silent.