How to lubricate a treadmill belt

Learn how to lubricate a treadmill! Extend the life of your treadmill by following these simple steps from LifeSpan for proper treadmill lubrication. How, when, and why treadmill walking belt lubrication is necessary for years of machine use. Lubricating your treadmill belt every six months or miles can keep vital treadmill parts -- including the deck, belt, motor and motor controller -- from.

It is important to lubricate your treadmill deck every six months or on average every Otherwise it will cause friction between the belt and the deck and it will. Does your treadmill belt hesitate with every step, or make more noise than it did when you first got it? If so, a simple lubrication may be all you. We are often asked about how often you have to lubricate your treadmill belt and how to do it. Fortunately the job is not difficult, particularly if.