How to use glogster 2013

Posted on May 13, by Glogster Try using Glogster EDU as an innovative tool to get kids to express themselves about who they are and what they hope to . OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE. What is Glogster? Glogster is a great collaborative tool that you can use to create interactive online . Glogster is a site where you can make online graphic blogs, Glogs. Fantastic for creating projects in online courses for both adults AND younger learners.

Glogster EDU is a great, free, educational technology tool that allows teachers to create vivid, interactive online posters with their students. Easily add videos. To date, there are over one million users of glogster (Glogster, ). The company advertises itself as an easy to use and powerful publishing. Step by step guide for creating a student Glogster account and starting a Glog. Published on Oct 1, Step by step guide for creating a student Glogster To add text boxes, choose “TEXT” then click “USE IT.” 9. Text boxes can be edited!.

January - June | Palabras clave: glog, historia digital, narrativa, imágenes , texto . How did the students use the glogster platform? 2. Tuesday, February 12, If you had a chance to use Glogster in the past, you know how much fun it is Biteslide looks a lot like Glogster. Students can use Glogster as a way to build upon their knowledge and present their learning. Learners enjoy making their own meaning and showcasing it to.