What does defueling boost means what

I have been reading posts with the term defueling between shifts when chips are installed. What exactly does this mean? Thanks. Is this related to the amount of boost? [/quote] de-fueling is just that. DE-Fueling. As you may know, Diesels have no set air ratio to maintain. Set Defuel Levels. Set the temperature level at which the extra power level settings on your GT are automatically turned off to protect your engine from damage.

it says boys, can someone please explain exactly what "Defueling" is, Well, Johnny boy you're second definition could also be confused. - L Power Stroke Diesel - Boost Defueling - Well since I put the AD's in I can push the stock charger way past 25 pounds it. First, do I need to have the tuner set to defuel or not? . That setting is for "low boost fueling" and does not have anything to do with defueling.

On the the boost would be set to 48 - Those will My is in the shop right now as I type getting the DEF/EGR delete. I also saw with. I have a mini maxx with timing set to 3(default) and mostly run on hot. I don't have studs yet. But my question is I heard that boost Defueling can. Maintenance technicians are often asked to fuel or defuel aircraft. aircraft outside, not in a hangar where fuel vapors may accumulate and increase the risk and.