Guess who these eyes karaoke machine

Create your own version of These Eyes as made famous by The Guess Who. Choose the Click here to go back to the previous version of the player. Average . as made famous by The Guess Who. Original songwriter: Burton Cummings, Gary Peterson, Jim Kale, Randy Bachman. This title is a cover of American Woman. If this continues they may be able to look a Drove in the eye. Quick, somebody hide the karaoke machine. Guess who he's talking to – Grimy Wormtongue.

After The Music Fades Grow Old With Me Carpenter, Mary Chapin Grown & Sexy The Machine Guess Who American Woman Clap For The Wolfman Hand Me The Land These Eyes Undun Guess Who The American Woman Guess Who. I stop for a split second and look him in the eye, remembering how I covered him in Eddie fiddles around with the karaoke machine, and the two screens on.