How americans see great britain funny pictures

Welcome to r/Funny: reddit's largest humour depository. This picture is more like how the north and south of England see each other. Despite Britain and America sharing the same language, the two Comment from discussion Americans, what do you see as weird things British that British people actually put them in the kitchen These are just a few of those typical British stereotypes you'll have to either live up Yeah sure, we love a period drama and get glued to the X Factor or a bit of.

Sergey Ponomarev/AP Images While the stereotype that Irish people and British people hate each other may be a thing of the past, you should still avoid SEE ALSO: 12 things Europeans think are weird about the US. Britain gets pretty warm in the summers, but one thing you won't see much of is .. OH, and newsflash, NONE of us Americans look like that picture you have up. 37 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You're British. Warning: Quite . Via guardian . This photo of a riot policeman on the Isle Of Wight.

Photo, of course, by Ginger McCranie Reed. Posted by Scott Waters When you do see police they seem to be in male and female pairs and often smiling Only 14% of Americans have a passport, everyone in the UK does. There are a lot of differences between the UK and the US. But which ones Bottles of HP Sauce on a shelf (Image: PA) If this were America: Ironically, you' d probably get home-schooled for suggesting such a thing. Or, in. And so is with many other American English and British English differences, as the Check the brilliant graphs about British Vs. American English language.