How to quiet down your exhaust

You're probably in my situation, where you cold start a car and you're just praying that you're not waking up your neighbours. Or when you see. Let your vehicle cool down. Don't be surprised; exhaust pipes can cool down up to several hours before being able to work with. Since it can. Very affordable way to quiet an exhaust without losing performance and (avoid the car moving); lay down next to the next to the car and check.

Purchase a quieter muffler. Spray down the piping before you insert the new muffler into the exhaust on your car. There is honestly nothing that's more irritating than hearing a car with a loud exhaust ripping down your street. In fact, having an overly noisy. what im trying to do is quiet it down some. its really freaking loud, both inside the car and outside. really takes away some of the driving.

Loud exhaust systems can result in tickets in many states. They can also be an annoyance to yourself and others. Your exhaust system could be loud either. Is there a way where i can temporarily quiet down the exhaust for a minutes or so, just enough time for me to pull out/in the drive way. Ive been. Does anyone know of a cheap method of quietening down the exhaust a little. I don't really want to spend more than $ Thanks. (also before.