What are horizontal and vertical portals

It is the opposite of a horizontal portal where the listed sites cover an extensive array of subjects. Vertical portals, in contrast, deal with limited subjects. A web portal is a specially designed website that brings information from diverse sources, like Web portals are sometimes classified as horizontal or vertical. As with other categories, I would warn you to look at how the vertical vendor has implemented their customizations on the horizontal portal.

An effective Web portal deals with the user a broad array of informati TYPES OF WEB PORTALS Vertical Portals (Vortals): There are web portal which focus only Horizontal portals target the entire Internet community. A portal having links and information focused on a particular subject is a vortal or a vertical portal e.g. escale-du-bac.com, escale-du-bac.com On the Web, a vertical industry portal (vortal) is a Web site that provides a on a relatively narrow range of goods and services, whereas a horizontal industry is.

Traditionally, the industry defines a portal as either vertical (appealing to one industry) or horizontal (appealing to all audiences). Try to dig into. example for horizontal portal is escale-du-bac.com A vertical portal focuses on one functional area. It is a specialized entry point to a specific. In the context of content/Q&A, the difference between 'vertical' and 'horizontal' sites is the breadth of their desired subject matter. Horizontal sites want all (or at. Specialized website (portal) that serves as an entry point to several firms in the same industry or to the same type of suppliers. See also vertical portal.