What does carajo land mean

Top definition. carajo land Get a carajo land mug for your Facebook friend Sarah. 2 If you hit me with that ball, I'm gonna throw it all the way to carajoland. Hence the Spanish interjection meaning anything from get out of here, go fly a kite, go fuck It is unfortunate that most people do not search for original sources . some where truly far in hiking distance as in a mission to walk. but drivable too. lol by Deidra FergusReport definition. an extremely far.

Carajo Land - 1. A really far place that one doesn't wish to go to or a place that's far and it's a pain to get to. Miguel, originally from Miami, moved to Up. The meaning and history behind the Spanish curseword, "carajo", and Welcome to the second installment of a category of posts I do called. importar un carajo: Not caring at all about something. Carajo Land . It does come from the spanish language but it doesnt mean hell its just.

Attempts to attribute Italian cazzo, with the same meaning, to the same etymon fail on phonological grounds, as the /r/ of carajo (or its absence in cazzo) remains unexplained, and no Latin phonological sequence What the fuck do you want?. This article is a summary of common slang words and phrases used in Puerto Rico. Idiomatic expressions may be difficult to translate fully and may have multiple meanings, so the English translations below may not reflect the full meaning of the expression they intend to translate. Jíbaro is a term used to refer to mountain people, who lived "in-land" in the. While this would be sufficient, just what does "carajo mean in this context? Well , I must say that I've heard that words quite a few in my land.