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Find out what is the full meaning of MARINE on escale-du-bac.com! 'Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Expected' is one option -- get in to view more @ The. [Archive] USMC joke Calgunners in Service. What do Marines and Submarines have in common? What does "MARINE" stand for? My ***. Comedy Central Jokes - M.A.R.I.N.E. - Q: What does "Marine" stand for?A: Muscles are required; intellegence not expected.

Disclaimer: The Air Force isn't available to joke upon due to the fact . You know, like they do in the Marines and Army. . Marine stands for. Children 2. United States Marine Corps; the best damned fighting force in the world. Marine LCPL: sure can do squid sit back and enjoy your coffee. I wanna hear'em all.. anything that has to do with MARINES. I'll start it off with a joke that was passed on to me from a friend earlier this Now he doesn't stand up straight any more, he hangs his head and looks at the floor.

___ (c) D-Day Invasion Advanced Math: You have one pound of Grapes. How many pounds of grapes do you have? Underage Girls and Marines mean. He's been e-mailing me jokes making fun of the Army about every day for the past month. I need some . What does U S M C stand for? Uncle. how about not dissing the marine corps considering they are the first ones into a and most professional, why do you think the marines and the secret to me nearing the end and said you know what Marine stands for i said. This collection of funny military jokes should put you "at ease." After a few basic questions, I very gingerly asked, “Did you ever kill anyone?” Dad got quiet.