How to plant potatoes in plastic bags

Growing potatoes in a plastic bag is a fun way to get children interested in gardening. And it is an almost foolproof way to grow potatoes. Grow bags for potatoes are an excellent solution for patio or small space gardeners. Learn more about planting potatoes in bags here. Potatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Even if you don't have a large garden, you can grow potatoes in a gallon trash bag.

Planting potatoes in bags is the perfect way to grow spuds in small gardens, and on . Avoid storing potatoes in polythene bags because they'll 'sweat' and rot. It's easy to think that growing potatoes would be a challenge, but it's really so The commercial grow bags are made of different materials, some are tough woven plastic You'll need the seed potatoes of your choice, the grow bags and the.