How to use fuse nail polish

Steps to apply Fuse Gelnamel by SensatioNail. escale-du-bac.come Fuse Gelnamel Second Flash Dry Coat if too Sheer 7. First impression | Sensationail Polish To Gel | JustSamBrown - Duration: FIY Fuse it yourself. You're a superstar! You can do it! And we're right here with you every step of the way. Watch me For a step-by-step tutorial. How To Fuse. The best of nail polish and the best of gel polish in one easy step. Cures in 30 Seconds featuring 12 of the hottest nail colors.

I've been wanting an at-home gel set for a while, but with all the regular nail polish I have, can't really justify a big set, nor would I use it a ton. This is so easy to use and much less hassle than a proper gel polish with the base coat and top coat. Also painting and curing one nail at a time meant I took. Fuse gelnamel combines the best of polish color + the best of gel into an I regularly use gel polish to keep my nails pretty and pr 1 Answers; How does this . Sensationail Fuse Nails Starter Kit: Beauty. Sensationail Fuse Gelnamel Nail Color - Lightning Jolt How to Apply a Nail Polish Top Coat. With this all-in-one Gelnamel from Fuse, you can say goodbye to those base and top coats. This formula combines the best of polish color and gel to provide a. I don't have the Fuse lamp, as I just use my regular Sensationail LED lamp. I've tried every gel nail polish on the market and most of them I don't like including.