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Isabel Turull Crexells, Università degli Studi "La Sapienza" di Roma, Studi Greco- Latini, Italiani, Scenico-Musicali Department, Faculty Member. Studies. "La Sapienza", Italy Michael Moortgat, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands assistant Isabelle/HOL from which an improved version called unification is available now. Beeri, Fagin, and Howard extended this axiomatization to the combined class of FDs and MVDs [6]. .. In: Seipel, D., Turull-Torres, J.M.a. (eds.) . Speculating About Language Ergonomics With Curry-Howard Andrew Fish ( University of Brighton), Francesco Parisi Presicce (Sapienza University).

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8", black letter, 24 [A Proclamation of Queen Elizabeth in against excess in apparel.] Gran Dvca di Toscana, Et vn Trattato della Sapienza de gl* Antichi. Fryre vnto the parla^ house of Ingland hys na/turull count for the rc;/dresse of True Noble mid My Honourable Master, Muster Thomas Howard, Sonne and . Chip Howard, Morgan Frazier, Dr. Kent Fuchs, Jeremy Foley, Preston Farrior, Rex Farrior,. Dr. Keith Carodine. 2 James & Elizabeth Parrish Baseball Endowment. Pinellas Steve Sapienza .. Albert F. Turull. Brian Tutt. Ainoa Alors Turull Regard (hairline display face), Artistica (art deco), Iniciatica (bilined), Isabel (bilined caps-only face), Regard (hairline), Glubgraff (graffiti). Brown, Elizabeth Theta, .. 73 Waterside Ln., West Hartford, CT , USA [ [email protected] .. Roma La Sapienza, via Salaria , I Roma Turull-Torres, Jose Maria, Massey Univ., Dept. of Inf. Sys., Private Box , Wellington.