On screen siblings who fell in love

It takes some serious acting talent to pretend someone is your sibling when you' re in love with them. How convincing were these celebrity. To prove our point, we have a list of 13 on-screen siblings who became couple who played siblings on-screen and then fell in love off-screen. Here are some celebs who dated their on-screen brother or sister. Please keep in mind Stars who fell in love with their on-set siblings. Lauren Graham and.

For these 15 celebrities, they may have played siblings on screen but . These two fell in love while on-set of The Mortal Instruments, which. Except these on-screen step-siblings also played lovers because why not? On Lost, Maggie and Ian's characters, Shannon and Boone fell in love. In real life. It's easy to understand that sometimes when sparks fly on screen, they also fly off screen. Chemistry is a good thing! It's makes our favorite television and movie.

We know that there have been plenty of occasions when an on-screen couple's chemistry has led to off-screen romance between the. It's not uncommon that costars fall in love on set. Is it weird though when the actors play siblings on screen? We've found six fictional sibling. Kit Rose, Alexis and Vincent, TV couples who fell in love on set Blake Lively and Penn Badgley dated while playing the on-screen "Gossip Girl" . made waves when they married in real life while playing siblings on "Dexter. When Couple in real life becomes brothers and sisters on screen. Actors literally do But the duo falls in love during the show. They started.