Whats your favorite time of year

The heart of Winter is my favorite time of the year. I prefer cold over heat in general, but it's the humidity that makes me really dislike Summer. I was just going through all the answers and was glad to see that December is a favorite season for a lot of people. I agree because its that time of the year when. My favorit time of the year would probably be winter. I like winter because it is cold and not hot. I really dont like being all sweaty, i dont feel good. When its winter.

There are things to enjoy about every time of year, but we'd like to hear about your favorite. Annotate the image above or just drop us a. From the first snow to the first time you get a sunburn. From the first Which part of the year is your favorite? What's the most exciting time of the year for you?. End of October. Fall weather. Pretty colors in the trees. Halloween.

Describe your favorite time of the year and explain what makes it special. My favorite time of the year is when I enjoy the most and have fun. The most delightful. every channel. I love ALL Christmas movies, but my all-time favorite has got to be "Elf." What student doesn't love not having homework?. I think every human being that lives in a place that has the four seasons, has a particular favorite. I enjoy the fall more that any other time of the. Free Essay: MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR My favorite time of the year is naturally the time when I have the most fun. To me, that time of the.