When did cleisthenes born

Cleisthenes of Athens, Cleisthenes also spelled Clisthenes, (born c. At the time of Cleisthenes' birth the family was still affected by a public curse incurred by. Cleisthenes was an ancient Athenian lawgiver credited with reforming the constitution of Historians estimate that Cleisthenes was born around BC. Cleisthenes (also Kleisthenes) was born into the aristocratic Alcmaeonid family of Athens sometime in the late s BCE. His father was.

Cleisthenes >Cleisthenes (active 6th century B.C.) was an Athenian political Athens had suffered from faction, or tyranny born of faction, for a century, and. Scholars think that Cleisthenes was born around B.C.E. in Athens, Greece. His entire clan was exiled by the Athenian tyrant Peisistratus in , and they. Cleisthenes came from an aristocratic Alcmaeonid family of Athens and was born around BC. His father was Megacles, a dominant figure of Athenian.

Born into the rich and aristocratic Alcmaeonid clan around BC, Cleisthenes was raised as a nobleman at a time when the city was deeply divided between. Cleisthenes is regarded as the founder of Athenian democracy. His most important innovation was the basing of individual political responsibility Biography. Although this Athenian democracy would survive for only two centuries, Cleisthenes' invention was one of ancient Greece's most enduring. On the surface, Cleisthenes seemed to be an unlikely candidate to support the concept of a democracy. A nobleman who was born around B.C., he was.